Intuitive Painting

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go Intuitive Painting: A Symbolic Expression of an Inner Journey to Wholeness  

Utilize painting as an avenue of self-discovery

Experience a non-verbal road for accessing unconscious material

Explore symbols, emotions and physical awareness as they appear

Intuitive painting is a process, a form of active imagination facilitating the emergence of Intuitive Painting class Sue Hunter LPCAunconscious images and emotions into consciousness. Wholeness and healing, not product, are the goals. Intuitive Painting uses the fluid medium of paint as a vehicle for self-discovery, experimentation, and contemplative expression. The engagement of mind, body, and soul allow for the symbolic nature of the psyche to express itself.

Intuitive Painting class Sue Hunter LPCAParticipants will have the opportunity to experience increased spontaneity and awareness of negative and self- limiting complexes which can block the creative flow of one’s life force. This painting process allows for an emotional release in a safe environment. The work of the soul is creative, enriching, and empowering. No prior experience in art is necessary. All supplies are provided.

I have studied the use of art in active imagination from Amy Champeau, a master level practitioner of the Point Zero Painting Process developed by Michele Cassou, the Painting Experience of Stewart Cubley, and the Marion Woodman Foundation Intensive Workshops. While attending ISAP Zurich, I trained in the uses of art and bodywork with several of the leading Jungian analysts in Switzerland. Using the nonverbal expression of painting, sculpting, and bodywork has informed my personal life journey of individuation. They provided me the methods for a unified mind, body, soul approach toward wholeness. -Sue Hunter

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