Dream Groups

 Dream Groups


In dream work, the most important question is not, What does the dream mean? but For what purpose has this dream come? — J. Wright

Sue Hunter Counseling, image from The Red Book by Carl Jung
Sue Hunter Counseling, image from The Red Book by Carl Jung

Image from The Red Book by Carl Jung

Experience dream work in a Jungian style—the archetypal ground of dreams—in a gathered community where all present can benefit from the rich, emerging unconscious material. Dream groups are one of many time honored dream work traditions. I welcome and invite participants from all races, cultures, and religious backgrounds to work within an ethical approach in a safe and confidential container.

Dream groups provide a safe space for the spiritual wisdom of the dreams. They offer a venue to explore the psychological and spiritual significance of dreams. Dream sharing respects the dignity and integrity of the dreamer, who is the ultimate decision-maker as to the meaning of the dream.

Sue is currently offering two dream groups:
Monday mornings 10am-12pm
& Tuesday evenings 7-9pm.

**Dream group work is not a substitute for psychotherapy, counseling, or other professional treatment. It can provide wisdom and an opportunity to embark upon the spiritual path of individuation.**