Meet Sue



Sue Hunter Counseling, Jungian therapy, dream groups

Sue Hunter, MA, MEd, EdS, LCMHC

Sue was awarded a Certificate of Continuing Education in the Fundamental Theory of Analytical Psychology from the International School of Analytical Psychology in Zurich, Switzerland, holds Masters Degrees in both Education and in Counseling, and has over 30 years of personal experience working with Jungian therapy and dreams. In addition, she has studied the use of art, dreams, and bodywork with several of the leading Jungian analysts in the United States, Switzerland, and at Marion Woodman Intensive workshops.

Sue offers counseling based on the work of Carl Jung with an integrative approach to self-awareness and healing. She specializes in individual therapy, facilitates dream groups, and is a frequent workshop leader and lecturer.


I believe the therapeutic relationship can provide a safe container for the work of exploring current difficulties and discovering creative solutions. —Sue Hunter