Seasons Of Change

by | Nov 12, 2018 | Spiritual Direction

“To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose…”  Ecclesiastes  3:2 

Sitting here on my cozy bed, having coffee, and looking westward out our bedroom window, the view is beautiful. This fall in Asheville has been spectacular. But winter is approaching, and I confess that I am not a big fan. A touch of winter with a beautiful snowfall is nice, but extreme weather and accompanying days of darkness are uncomfortable for me.  Winter is an important cycle in the seasons and absolutely necessary; but I have had to learn to go willingly into the cold and dark, literally and figuratively.

To fully experience life, we must embrace the seasons. Winter, spring, summer, and fall are not just external manifestations of nature but are part of our human nature. Seasons are symbolic of our inner journey, our opportunity for cyclical expansion of consciousness.

Fall is a time of harvest and giving thanks for what the universe has provided us, celebrating the consciousness that was brought to light. Winter is a time to go inward. It is a necessary darkness that allows for rest, reflection, and the renewal of nature, especially our human nature.   In spring, we are born into new life. The seeds that fell in the fall and rested in winter now germinate and create new birth, new aspects of ourselves we never imagined. Those new aspects of creativity and consciousness grow and mature in the sun of summer. They absorb energy from the sun, and we have the responsibility to reflect and share them in the light of day. Then we return to fall, and so the cycle continues in the soul of all of nature.

So today my simple goal is to be grateful for the fall harvest of consciousness in my life and in the world.  It is indeed spectacular. I prepare to go willingly into the coming winter and the darkness that will accompany each day. Much better for me to surrender and respect the cycle of nature as the wise road map that guides my soul towards wisdom and renewal.

I hold in sacred space

May I embrace nature; it lives in me and I in it.
May I remember that atonement…is  “at one ment” and live “at one” with the change of seasons, living and fully participating in each cycle.
May I be nourished and renewed, mind, body, and soul.

                                                          Loyally, Sue