The Soul’s GPS

by | Dec 23, 2018 | Dream Symbols, Jungian Symbols

Feeling Lost? There are navigational tools available to find the treasure map that is your soul’s journey.

When we find ourselves lost, no motivation, no clear direction, we need to trust our inner wisdom to lead where our individual souls wish to go. Part of that inner wisdom reveals itself in the symbolic language of dreams. Often images such as thresholds, bridges, intersections, or a cross enter the narrative of the night. These symbols of transition encourage us to move toward a new path on life’s journey. Brides and grooms cross a threshold from living a single life to one as a couple. A bridge crosses over and connects us to another landscape. An intersection asks us to choose a direction, and a cross has four points with a center that in many spiritual beliefs represents a transition from life to death to rebirth. These images are gifts revealed from the inner wisdom of our souls. They seek to guide our travel in a different direction leading us to a new attitude, career, or passion.

It sounds so simple. Take a step, a jump, drive over the bridge, or swim the river; easy to say, but not always so easy to do. Our inner wisdom requires courage and faith to confront the roadblocks that detour fulfillment of our life’s purpose. Old family wounds, societal expectations, a backpack of old ideas all need some sorting, deleting, and renewal. Living an authentic life means a willingness everyday to tear down some old avenues while building bridges that connect us to our soul’s true path.

Trust feeling lost, as it is that very awareness that sets you on your own journey to find your true self, your wonderfully human, unique self. I encourage you to write down your dreams. Seek a guide who can help you decipher the direction your inner wisdom is pointing. Have the courage to travel the direction your soul seeks.

Resources for Dream Work can be found in the Resource page of this website.